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The Answer To The Daily Question: What’s For Dinner?

We specialize in the Duet, a two-portions of meat, poultry or fish accompanied by three fresh vegetables and a starch (potato, rice or pasta). Always freshly prepared, it is served completely ready-to-eat hot or cold in our own reusable, returnable insulated CaterBox® food carrier.

We deliver right on your dining table at home.  Just sit down and Enjoy!

No more disposable, nothing to reheat, no pots and pans to wash and no smelling up the house!

Plan and order ahead. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience knowing that a fine dinner will be on your dining table tonight without a hassle.

Baked Salmon

Baked Salmon Duet with Three Veggies

IMGP0992A Duet of Shrimp and Chicken Fricassee

By placing an order you become a member of:

“The Real Joy of Not Cooking Club ”

where you will have the privilege to use the CaterBox® at no charge.

Something new and never seen before, for the first time, you the consumers have a say on what will be on your next Duet Menu. We send you the Liste where you get to vote for your favorite dishes and the Duet with the most votes will be on the following menu.

Enjoy the comfort of your home. Have an extra glass of your favorite beverage without having to worry about driving.

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