We at Fine Food-to-Go believe we are offering a valuable service to the busy couples of Las Vegas. We don’t try to please everybody with everything, everywhere at all time. We specialize in comfort food for two called the Duet to be obtained with utmost convenience at the most affordable price. We make a pleasure eating-at-home. Our food is “ready-to-eat”. You can do the pickup yourself or we can deliver.

We are offering a service that is new by utilizing an insulated returnable food carrier, the CaterBox®. This unique state of the art food carrier offers numerous  advantages all designed to improve the lifestyle of busy couples. It provides three of the most precious commodities in modern society: Nutrition, Convenience, and Time.

We are hoping that the advantages of our product and service will be greater than the inconvenience of returning the CaterBox®. As a privilege to Registered Members, we are lending you the CaterBox® at no charge and in good faith.

The CaterBox® is at the prototyping stage going trough final test before larger tooling investment.

Chef Gilbert is a retired professional Chef, former Senior Chefs Instructor from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Las Vegas. He believes in Comfort Food, food just like Mom used to make, simple but healthy with nutrition from three different veggies every day. Of course, no additives whatsoever, just as natural as possible. Prepare to be delighted! Chef’s assistant and partner is Chef Carolyn Geiger, who is well known in many Las Vegas kitchens for the last twenty years. She specializes in tasty comfort food just like her Mom use to make!
Chef Gilbert is the founder and owner of Fine Food-to-Go, Inc., and the inventor of the CaterBox® proudly manufactured in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
Fine Food-to-Go is a proprietary new concept and the first to utilize a reusable and returnable food carrier.

We trust that you will share your experience and tell us where we can improve.

Bon Appétit!