How to use the CaterBox®

At this time the CaterBox is not for sale. It is at the prototyping stage before final improvement.

There are three positions of the handles as seen in the pictures.


To carry the CaterBox®, this is very important, always hold the two handles together in one hand, keeping the carrier as flat as possible. Pick-up slowly to make sure the top and bottom are hooked together. To open it, use two hands, one for each handle and hold the handles straight up and then pull up. Do the reverse to close with the handles straight up. Lay down the handles and the top will lock to the bottom so carriers can be stacked.

Caterbox Carry

The CaterBox® is an elegant food carrier designed especially for the home environment. Practical and classy, it can be displayed proudly on any dining table. It’s Earth-friendly, handy, and versatile, with superior insulation quality.

CaterBox Open-Close

The CaterBox® was design by a Chef especially to provide hassle-free, freshly prepared food that is hot, safe to eat, and table ready. The food is held inside an air-tight chamber protecting it from outside contamination. It is designed to insulate hot or cold food and maintain its temperature at a safety threshold.

Caterbox Locked

For better results, open the carrier only when ready to eat not just for looking. Place the carrier right on the dining table, have the table set-up with all the tools needed, then open it. Remove the cover but don’t take out the casserole dish, the food will stay hot longer. When finished, do not wash the dish, simply replace the cover and have it ready to put back in the trunk of the car. You must have an empty carrier to get a new one so, don’t forget to have it with you when you pickup.