Fine Food-to-Go is the ultimate convenience in obtaining a fine dinner for two, the Duet, to enjoy in the comfort of the home.
Pre-ordered and pre-paid the food, always freshly prepared is placed in the CaterBox® food carrier especially design to maintain temperature hot or cold.
By featuring curbside pickup you, the Member can do a lot of time saving as well as Dollars. The idea is, since you are driving close by on your way home from work, maybe just a little detour and Voila! In minutes, you can be on your way home to enjoy a fine dinner absolutely without a hassle.

Place your order at least one day prior before 9:00 PM, tell us how many and the pickup or delivery time. Should you decide to have a couple guests over for dinner, just add another Duet or two.

The day of pickup, call 702 368 0848 and notify us 10 minutes ahead we will be right there waiting for you. Do not park, look for the sign by the golf cart and stay in your car.  We bring the food out to you so you can go home, eat and enjoy. If you have a return and it is in the trunk, just open it we will do the transfer.

Bon Appetit!